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Our programs are open to boys and girls 18&Under and you may join at any time!

If you are not ready to commit to a whole month you can drop in to any practice for $40. Make sure that you register first and we will credit that to your first drop in.

We invite back any of our college athletes to train for free with us in the summer!


This program requires the greatest time commitment and is for athletes who wish to compete at the highest level. Athletes interested in OPEN will need to participate in a skill level assessment designed to ensure the competitive nature that the program will facilitate or receive an invite. Participants will need to be able to execute basic skills at a high level and execute strategic game planning. Both are skills vital to practicing and playing at the OPEN level. 


 This program is designed for athletes who want to improve their sand volleyball skill level, without the mandatory requirements of the OPEN program. AA participants will practice twice a week and have a suggested tournament schedule. Practices will be designed to prepare players for entry into the OPEN level program if they desire.


Price: $250/month


This program is to designed for players who are new to beach or cannot commit to twice a week practices. A players will practice once a week and if interested in tournament play, will receive help finding and registering for tournaments.