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Here at Carolina Chaos we understand that AAU volleyball is expensive and not every family can afford the full amount of our programs. Financial support is available in three ways: full scholarship, partial scholarship, and fundraising. Scholarship requests will not be a part of the decision-making process in regards to whether or not a player makes a team. Carolina Chaos will select the best athletes for each team.

Please know that our club costs are some of the lowest in the area, especially given the amount of tournaments we travel to. Low costs are our effort to make it possible for many girls in the Triangle area to play AAU. Players are selected to receive financial aid are expected to give back to the program by assisting with other teams practices, organizing team dinners, etc.

Please read the information below and complete the form at the bottom of the page if you wish to be considered for financial aid.

​Use your sphere of influence and secure sponsorship for the club.   Businesses, organizations, churches, and civic groups are all eligible.  You receive 50% from all the proceeds credited towards your club fees, the organization gets their logo on our website and/or training shirts, and the club receives much needed funds for equipment upkeep and other volleyball resources.

Download the form below, have it filled out, and return with the sponsorship.  There is no limit on how many sponsorships you may get.  

Eliminate a month's worth of club fees or better yet, cut them in half.

Scholarship Form



Full Scholarships: Full scholarships are only available to players that have previously played with our club. Players that have been selected for national teams get top priority for full scholarships. Under a full scholarship, the athlete is responsible for the uniform package of $300 and for travel expenses. There are very limited full scholarships.

Partial Scholarships: Partial scholarships are available to all players. Under partial scholarship, the athlete is responsible for the initial down payment for their team designation on the given due date. The athlete will then be responsible for paying monthly dues until half of the total fees are met. There are limited partial scholarships.

Fundraising: Carolina Chaos will host a fundraiser to help families offset the costs. If you are interested in this, please indicate so when completing the financial aid form


Things we consider when determining who receives financial aid:

1.  Family Income

2.  Number of people in the household

3.  Proven demonstration of athletes commitment to a team or athletic


4.  Athletes academic record​


1. Who qualifies for financial aid?

    Any actively participating member can qualify for the given season. We ask for a application form and explanation of your request.

    We reserve the right to ask for a copy of tax records or pay stubs.

2. If we received financial aid, what are the expectations?

     If an athlete receives financial aid, she must attend 85% of practices and ALL tournaments (unless there is an emergency). Failure to         

     do so will result in loss of financial aid. The athlete and their parent must abide by all club rules. Failure to do so will result in loss of

     financial aid.

3. Will my child's teammates or other parents know we are receiving financial aid?

    No. Financial aid status is kept confidential. 

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