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At Carolina Chaos, we believe that excellence starts off the court.  It is manifested in preparation, presentation, and perspective before a uniform is ever worn.  A culture of excellence must be adhered to by every member of the club to achieve success.  Our expectation is that parents, athletes, coaches and staff embrace these standards and to hold each other accountable throughout the volleyball season.


  • Athletes should arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the beginning of practice and be ready to go

  • Girls should never arrive or leave the facility without cover shorts/sweatpants on.  Wearing spandex shorts are only appropriate in the gym.

  • Provided CCVB training shirts are to be worn at ALL practices and trainings.

  • Proper shoes and knee pads must be worn while practicing

  • No jewelry other that stud earring may be worn at practices or at tournaments

  • Hair should be up and in some type of bow, etc.

  • Upon arriving to the facility, all volleyball bag are to be lined up in a designated area.


  • Upon approaching the tournament site, all athletes will look the same; Uniform under training shirt, cover shorts/sweatpants on, and backpack on back.  Backpacks are not to be with parents.

  • Before and during matches, athletes are to stay with their team throughout the entire event.  No wandering, sitting with family members, or alone.  Girls will sit, eat, rest, and warm-up with the team, as a team. 

Food and Nutrition

  • No concessions food will be eating during competition.  Period.

  • No sodas

  • Food will be organized with assistance from the team parent(s) to offer a nutritious variety to ensure proper 'fueling' for all the players.

Excellence doesn't just happen.  It's created.

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